Grill Purchasing Process


It’s 2021, all different genres of pop culture are flashing grillz, and you want to be part of the trend and are thinking about purchasing a grill. Maybe a traditional yellow gold 8pack, or a classic single gold cap, or maybe you want to go all out with our signature Diamond Virgin set grillz. No matter which of these options you are thinking of, this article will explain the differences between online, social media and in store purchases for grillz. 


You can use any of the channels above to purchase a grill, however there are a few benefits of one versus the other that we will lay out in detail so you can choose which option is right for you.


In Person

If you live close to one of our locations with certified grill fitment we encourage you to take advantage of this option first. The main benefit to this option is the face to face interaction with one of our trained staff. You get the opportunity to physically see the sample grillz and what options are available. Our team will mold your teeth using dental alginate properly giving us a precise mold of your teeth. We take your order in person and write out an idea to show you generally what they will look like. 


The customer then signs off on the design and pays their deposit accordingly which is usually 40-50% of your purchase. Once we have the mold of your teeth the average build time for a grill is 4 - 6 weeks. Once your grill is completed it will go through our QA/QC (Quality Assurance Quality Control) process to make sure the grill is built exactly the way you had hoped. After this your grill goes to our LQPT department which will laser mark your grill with the gold and diamond weights along with our company logo on the inside of the teeth. 


Additionally to these two locations we do regularly have grillz on wheelz via 780-935-4745 (GRIL) and we can fit you at almost any mobile location.


Online at

The second method of ordering a grill is right HERE on our website. You will find in our grillz section our Canadian Diamond Boyz exclusive grill builder which allows you to build your own grill. This is being followed up with a 2.0 version that features diamond setting and all the options you could use in real time 3D to show your grill before you purchase it (this new version will be available soon). 


Also in our grillz section on the site are several pre-made listings to shop from that show photos of all of our grillz and the finished products. Once you've chosen the grill that you want, you choose your teeth selection and follow the steps to check out. Once your order is paid for you will get an order number and confirmation email. When we receive payment and your order we will then mail you an at-home mold kit with a return label to send your completed mold back. In the mold kit is a small card featuring our exclusive app Maxogram, using the maxogram app you scan the card and it will display a full instructional video on how to complete your at home mold. Once we receive your mold back it will go through the same 4 - 6 week process as above described and once your grill is finished the manufacturing, QA/QC and LQPT process we will mail you your finished product.


Social Media

One of our most popular methods to purchase a grill is through our social media channels like Instagram @goldteethcanada or Facebook  @goldteethcanada where you can send us a DM and describe your grill and what style you're hoping to get along with photos. We then take a payment via E-transfer or paypal usually or through our Make a Payment option on the website here.


After payment, we mail your mold kit to the address you provided to complete the mold kit. Once we receive your completed mold, 4 - 6 weeks is required for build time and once we have completed our QA/QC, we will mail your finished grill to you. 


Click HERE right now to get your grill process started on our website or you can reach out on instagram @goldteethcanada or facebook @goldteethcanada and you’ll be shining very soon. Treat yourself today, It’s your smile, that $h!ts important!   

Article by: Tyler Johnstone (@tjshotthat)