One of a kind murdered out Diamond Audemars Piguet


This virgin set Diamond Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph started its life as a 2020 stainless steel model with a Audemars signature Black Emblematic Guilloche Grande Tapisserie Dial. We purchased the watch through our tight network in 2020 to begin this very long and very tedious process to produce this all black look.


The watch first goes for full disassembly to be stripped of its movement and crystal so we are left with a raw skeleton of what was once a Swiss masterpiece.


We then took the raw stainless steel parts and began the long process of mapping out the diamond layout on the watch. Once mapped out we complete the drilling process prior to setting any diamonds in the watch. Normally at this step we would set the diamonds immediately following but in this case we had to treat the watch with a special proprietary Jet black coating to achieve the look the client was going for.


Now that the watch is coated jet Black and drilled out we begin the process of doing our proprietary Virgin Diamond Setting process to the watch to achieve the absolute tightest Diamond setting in the industry. This process can take months to source the diamonds, organize for setting and complete setting. Next step we take is re-assemble the watch back to its factory state being very careful not to scratch anything, knock out any diamonds or anything else to jeopardize the integrity of the work we just spent months trying to achieve. 


Once assembled the watch goes through a rigorous QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) process under 300x magnification to ensure all prongs are properly set, no diamonds are loose, the movement is functioning correctly and last but not least that it is photographed and documented in detail. When we look back in 30-40 years we want to be as proud then as we are now and when future watch collectors look back at the history of The Canadian Diamond Boyz they will read that we began this journey by making waves in the industry paving the way or setting the bar with anything that we touch. The Canadian Diamond Boy way including our Virgin Diamond Setting will set the standard for anything watch related and Diamond setting going forward. Inquire today here to inquire about purchasing your own diamond set watch or put your name on our most wanted waitlist today to get the watch you always wanted but can't buy. We will buy it for you. 


Article and photos by: Tyler Johnstone (@tjshotthat)