From fully diamond-encrusted jewelry to Rolex’s dripping in hand-set diamonds, our Virgin Setting technique at Canadian Diamond Boyz is unparalleled in the industry when it comes to style, detail, and quality. But what is Virgin Setting, how does it work, and what makes it better than other diamond setting methods? And most importantly, why should you trust Canadian Diamond Boyz with your Virgin Setting needs? We’ll explore all this and more as we go over everything you need to know about Virgin Settings from Canadian Diamond Boyz. 

What is Virgin Setting? 

Virgin Setting is a customized hand-prong diamond setting technique that our artistic setters use to maximize the number of diamonds that you can possibly fit on the surface area of your jewelry while eliminating the unsightly gaps created by traditional diamond setting methods. This setting job is the tightest on the market and results in a cleaner layout of diamonds, more carat weight, and maximum coverage for your custom jewelry. 

How Does Virgin Setting Work? 

Carried out by our specially trained diamond setters, the process begins with gold jewelry that is plain and flat. From there, we individually hand-cut, measure, drill, and utilize every possible millimetre of space on the setting service. Making sure that every hole is drilled precisely and every prong sits perfectly flush is critical in order to maximize the setting, achieve an even table position on every diamond, and give it that impactful final quality. 

Each diamond we use is hand selected to ensure that it’s perfect for the space in terms of style and design. As a result, our experts will use up to eight different sizes of diamonds during the Virgin Setting process to ensure that we cover the surface area completely.

At Canadian Diamond Boyz, we never add additional prongs; rather, it’s all shared prong surfaces, which allows us to essentially kiss the diamonds side by side to help eliminate gaps and get as many diamonds as possible onto the surface of your jewelry. The goal is to create a stunning visual effect whether you’re looking at it from 5 feet away or under a 10-times microscopic lens. 

What Makes Virgin Settings Better than Other Methods?

With standard diamond setting methods, you use four prongs to hold the diamond, whereas, with our Virgin Setting technique, we utilize a shared prong system so that every diamond is in full detail and aligned perfectly on a microscopic level. Therefore, when you choose our Virgin Setting service for your jewelry, you know you’re getting the tightest setting available in today’s market, which also means you’re getting the most amount of carats on your custom piece as possible. 

For example, a normal Datejust 41 mm Rolex with a traditional diamond setting averages about 18 carats of diamonds, while we’re able to fit nearly 22 to 24 carats of diamonds across the same piece with our Virgin Setting technique. The difference may not be that noticeable from far away, but once you get up close, you’ll see a massive difference in coverage, carats, and the overall effect. 

The final result is a full ice rink of diamonds all the way across the piece – they don’t call us the Coldest Ice in the Country for nothing! 

Why Should You Trust Canadian Diamond Boyz to Virgin Set Your Custom Jewelry? 

This one is simple – because Virgin Setting is our signature technique that creates the tightest settings in the world, hands down. You should trust us at Canadian Diamond Boyz with all your Virgin Setting needs because we not only perfected the method, we invented it (that’s what’s up!). 

Ultimately, our attention to detail, exceptional quality, and industry-leading craftsmanship at Canadian Diamond Boyz speak for itself. So, if you’d like to learn more or are interested in getting your own jewelry Virgin Set by our team of diamond experts, contact us today through any of our social media platforms, by phone at 780-935-GRIL (4745), or on our website at