5 Steps To Custom Jewelry

So you have decided that you want a custom designed piece of jewelry. A pendant, bracelet, chain or maybe an engagement ring for your significant other and you're thinking to yourself.. now what? How do I make my vision come to life? This is where the Canadian Diamond Boyz come in. All custom projects follow a few simple steps. 

This post has been designed to teach the average consumer step by step what has to happen for us to start, build and complete your custom project. We will explain how and why we go about the process, and by the end hopefully you will have the confidence to start your custom project today.  

Step 1

First things first - the customer presents us with a custom project idea. In order to start developing your jewelry, we require a $500 design deposit. We then provide your ideas to our design department and they build from scratch a custom 3D design of your project. This 3D design tells us the approximate final gold weight and diamond weight which we can then use to determine the approximate final price.  

Step 2

Once the 3D design is ready, we review the design and expected pricing with the customer. This is an opportunity for the customer to review the projected budget and make any adjustments as needed. In order to proceed, we require a build deposit. Your build deposit secures the project with a spot in our production lineup to start building the piece. The general timeline for a custom project to go from 3D design to completion is usually 8-10 weeks. The build deposit is important to make sure you are in the cue since we usually have 40-75 projects on the go! 

Step 3

Your custom piece is coming to life! During this step of the project we have your piece in rotation to be built. When we begin the manufacturing process we use industry leading equipment and technology to produce a wax version of your project. We then take the wax and cast it into gold and then if there are diamonds, we begin setting each individual diamond.  

Step 4

This is the final step of the build process which we call assembly and finishing. By this time all of the parts to your piece have been individually built and finished. Now we take the parts, if any, and assemble them together. This includes finishing all connections, polishing all edges, a final polish as well as QA/QC (quality assurance and quality control) to make sure your custom project meets the design expectations. 

Step 5

Order up! The customer’s finalized piece moves from our workshop to our LQPT department. We mark the piece to document the karat of gold and diamond clarity, along with adding the Canadian Diamond Boyz logo. A second and final quality check is done to ensure your custom piece is absolutely perfect. Each custom piece receives photo documentation for you to keep and share on social media. 

At this point, we will reach out to the customer to let them know that their piece is finished and take the final payment for the balance owing. We accept all payment methods including cash, debit/credit, Paypal, Cash App, and Bitcoin. 

So this is what you can expect for a custom project start to finish. The best part for us is one very excited customer and making your idea a reality (and usually a new opportunity to start another project!). Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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Article by: Tyler Johnstone (@tjshotthat)